Co-ed Classic

2018 Co-ed Classic
May 5, 2018
Grant-Harvey Center, Fredericton

*CONTEST – Although jerseys are not mandatory for this event, the team with the most creative jerseys will receive a gift card of $100 from NB Liquor.

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Divisions of play
Each team must have 3 girls and 3 guys on the court. No libero. Volleyball Canada rules will be followed unless stated otherwise.

Division 1 – Superstar format
The game is played on 2 courts, one with the net at men’s height and the other at women’s height. In the former, the men hit in the front row and the women play defense in the back row. In the latter, it is the opposite. Usually one of the men in the back row acts as a setter for the women hitting on his team and vice versa. Men can’t jump serve or hit from the back row when playing on women’s net height. During the round robin, the sets are 15 minutes per court or when a team reaches 25 points. With 30 seconds left, someone will yell last serve. If the score is tied after the last serve, the teams will play one more rally to determine a winner. If after both “sets” the teams have the same amount of combined points, another rally will be played to decide a winner. There will be no timed play during playoffs, the set will end when a team reaches 25 points (must win by 2 points).

Division 2 – Regular format
The game is played on 1 court with the net at 2.35 meters. Sets will end when a team reaches 25 points (must win by 2 points)

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