2018 Atlantic Beach Tour
2017 Youth Tour Stops | Rankings
Sunday, May 27Fredericton, NBRegisterScheduleResults
Sunday, June 10Shediac, NB RegisterScheduleResults
Sunday, June 17Halifax, NSRegister ScheduleResults
Sunday, June 24Summerside, PEIRegisterScheduleResults
Sunday, July 8Shediac, NBRegisterScheduleResults
Sunday, July 14-15Cornerbrook, NFLDRegisterScheduleResults
Sunday, July 22Halifax, NSRegisterScheduleResults
August 4-5 (Youth Atlantics)Halifax, NSRegisterScheduleResults
August 16-19 (Nationals)Toronto, ONRegisterScheduleResults
2017 Senior Tour Stops | Rankings
Saturday. May 26Fredericton, NBRegisterScheduleResults
Saturday, June 9Shediac, NBRegister ScheduleResults
Saturday. June 16Halifax, NSRegister ScheduleResults
Saturday. June 23Summerside, PEI Register ScheduleResults
Saturday, July 7Shediac, NB Register ScheduleResults
Saturday, July 21Halifax, NS Register ScheduleResults
Saturday, July 28-29Corner Brook, NFLDRegister ScheduleResults
August 4-5 (Adult Atlantics)Halifax, NSRegisterScheduleResults
August 16-19 (Nationals)Toronto, ONRegisterScheduleResults

***For VNS, NLVA and VPEI athletes, email connormcconnell@volleyballnb.org to register.


VNB has partnered with the other three Atlantic Provinces to organize the 2017 Atlantic Beach Tour.  Participating in the Atlantic Beach Tour makes you eligible to play in Beach Atlantics and Beach Nationals. To participate in the tour, you must be a member of VNB or another Provincial Volleyball Association with a beach player role. To do so please register online.  All indoor youth players in New Brunswick already meet the membership requirements so they do not need to purchase a beach membership.  They just simply need to add the « beach role » to their profile.

Please review the Atlantic Beach Tour Competitions Guide for more information.  Please see the following Beach Rules for more information.  Please see the updated VNB Suspended Play Procedures (lightning information)and the new Beach Hand Setting Rule.