Senior Women’s League

Volleyball New Brunswick runs the Senior Women’s League annually from October until April.  VNB organizes two female divisions; Division 1 and Division 2.  The divisions are selected by each team at the start of the season in October.  In October, all teams must attend the VNB Seeding Tournament to determine their rank for the season.  Teams can also request to switch divisions following the seeding tournament based on their results.  The season follows all of the rules and procedures set out in the 2017-18 Senior Competition Guide

All teams are able to host their own VNB sanctioned events throughout the season.  All you need to do is fill out the 2017-2018 Hosting Package and submit it to VNB Program Coordinator, Rachelle Duguay at   VNB will then promote the event to the membership, accept registrations online, pay the officials and then pay the host following the event.


Senior Female Rankings

Senior Female Seeding Tournament
October 21st, 2017
Ecole Le Sommet & Ecole Champlain, Moncton

2017-18 Senior Provincial