Provincial Excellence Program

Program Overview:

PEP is a high-performance program designed to facilitate elite athlete and coach development.

The goal of PEP is to provide a high-performance training environment for elite athletes within an integrated sport performance model, which includes training and support services.

Physical assessments, testing, video analysis, focused tailored volleyball-specific training,

integrated strength and conditioning programs with access to training facilities, nutrition,
mental performance and recovery training are all part of the program.

Athletes – To develop technical skills as outlined in the VNB athlete development matrix which best supports the position the athlete will play at the next level. Athletes will have dedicated training plans with consistent feedback from coaches to help them understand how their technical skills are progressing versus their goals.

Coaches – To learn from and develop a core group of high-performance athletes. PEP coaches will be responsible for creating a learning and training environment that is more advanced than any other volleyball environment in New Brunswick and advancing the athlete’s technical and tactical skills with alignment to the VNB athlete development matrix and the Volleyball Canada high-performance pathways.


2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 (Grades 9-12)

The VNB High-Performance committees may choose to accept an athlete to the PEP program outside of the stated birth years, on a case-by-case basis.

Selection Criteria

Participation in PEP is by invitation. Athletes will be evaluated by VNB High-Performance Evaluators during the VNB Club, NBIAA Highschool and Team NB Summer programs. Identified athletes will receive an invitation to participate in PEP.

Athletes will be evaluated on the following aspects:

  1. Physical Assessment (Height, Athleticism, physical testing, etc.)
  2. Skill Assessment (Technical and Volleyball-IQ)
  3. High-Performance Potential
  4. National Skills and Tactics Comparison
  5. Character Attributes (Coachability, intensity, work ethic, etc)

Number of Athletes in PEP

The number of positions available in PEP is determined by the level of the athlete pool. PEP is specifically designed for high-performance athletes who meet the selection criteria and are committed to meeting the expectations of PEP training.

Training Goal

Learning and refining skills to prepare athletes to play at the next level.

Athletes will have access to a volleyball-specific strength and conditioning program, weight training facilities (where available), mental performance training and sports nutrition.

Athletes will be trained in their primary position, as well as given opportunities to learn skills associated with other positions, where feasible.

Athlete Expectations

PEP Athletes are expected to participate in all PEP training sessions. Requests to miss training sessions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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