Tripleball Rules

Volleyball Canada Development Model- Tripleball

Tripleball is a modified game that has been introduced to help developing athletes accelerate their development, improve their overall skills, and experience more success while having triple the fun.  Many countries throughout the world recognize the benefits of modified games for young developing athletes.  These variations range from decreasing the court size and number of players on the floor to utilizing customized rules such as mandatory underhand serve. Volleyball Alberta has documented that the standard game of volleyball will result in a missed serve or direct ace 40% of the time for 13-14 year old athletes.  Tripleball produces 76% more attacks, 73% more contacts and 72% more rallies than the standard version of the game.  This allows athletes to “play” the game much more, which is far more enjoyable. Preventing players to switch positions allows athletes to experience the challenges of each position and helps them develop a broader range of skills.  Developmental playing rules allows every athlete to play equally.  This is a critical concept as volleyball is a late developing sport and any athlete, regardless of their ability at 13/14 years of age, could be a future star.