Awards and Hall of Fame

Awards and Hall of Fame
Volleyball New Brunswick holds an annual recognition evening to recognize certain members of our organization that have displayed superior achievements in coaching, officiating, volunteering and performance. VNB also inducts new members into the VNB Hall of Fame on the recognition evening.

Congratulations to Huberte Jaillet who will be the 2018 Hall of Fame inductee. Read more about her accomplishments HERE!

Congratulations to our service award nominees and recipients! See full write up HERE!

Hall of Fame
2017Brigitte Soucy-Anderson | Monette Boudreau-Carroll
2016Pat Thorne | Louise Boldon
2015Phil Boldon | Steve Lanteigne | Randy Wilson
2014Albert Gosselin | Michael Swift
2013Jack Lawson | Eric Boldon
2012Jean Claude Theriault | Dean Hitchcock
2011Gille St-Hillaire | Eric Lebreton
2010Tara MacIntyre-Olesen
2009Perley Tozer | Rex Boldon | Marc Albert
2008Malcolm Early | Sonny Phillips | Bob Skillen
2007Daniel O’Carroll | Monica Hitchcock | Jack Brownell
2006Hazen Savoie | Mary Ann & Dave Patterson
2005Jim Graham | Judy Mills
2004Don McKay | Michel Leblanc
2003Charles Boudreau | Earl Doherty | Doug Thibault
2002Ed Welch | Mike Vincent | Louis-René Comeau
2001Alwyn McGarvie | Sue Seaborn | Charles LeBlanc
1999Jack Campbell | Alfie Doucet | Art Murphy
Athletes of the Year
2017Jessie Robichaud | Nick Glynn
2016Courtney Hillier | Connor McConnell
2015Joanie Arseneault | Connor McConnell
2014Victoria Eadle | Ryan Colpitts
2013Maggie McLenahan | Ryan Colpitts
2012Erin Smith | Mathieu Losier
2011Vanja Mitrovic | Jacob Kilpatrick
2010Cherie Campbell | Marc White
2009Jill Blanchard | Mathieu Losier
2008Paige Paulsen | Marc White
2007Veronique Carroll | Davin St. Pierre
2006Danielle Blinn | Dave McConnell
2005Melanie Doucette | Mike Waugh
2004Kristine Levesque | Davin St. Pierre
2003Meline Durelle | Paul Albert
2002 Lori Gorman | Nicholas Antaya
2001 Marie-Josée Robichaud | Mike Waugh
2000 Marie-Pierre Arsenault | Greg Black
Coach of the Year
2017Monette Boudreau-Carroll
2016Luc Picard
2015Kim Colpitts
2014Natasha Dube
2013Marsha Martin
2012Lorie Gorman
2011Nic Boucher
2010Henri Mallet
2009Cherie Campbell
2008Wendy Mathers
2007Stephane Hachey
2006 Natasha Dube
2005 Mike Swift
2004 Geneviéve Levesque
2003 Mike Swift | Monette Boudreau
2002 Mike Swift | Michel Thibault | Brigitte Daigle
2001 Jason Harris | Lisa Barwise
2000 Louis-René Comeau | Lisa Holyoke
1999 Dan McMorran | Michelle Bertin
1989 Mike Leblanc
1988 Al McGarvie
1987Jim Graham
1986 Ed Welch
1985 Don McKay
1984 Annette Allain
Ian Fowler Volunteer of the Year
2017Jamie Chiasson
2016Wendy and Ross Mathers
2015Jason Parker
2014Jim Druart
2013Tony VanBuskirk
2012Tara Grant
2011Steve Lanteigne
2010Kathy Vair
2009Jack Campbell
2008Joy Porter
2007Mark Gough
2006 Jack Lawson
2005 Peter Taylor
2004 John Richard
2003 Jack Lawson
2002 Scott Ferguson
2001 Elaine Hayes
2000 Vicki Banks
1999 Hazen Savoie
1989 Judy Hogan | Builder – Malcolm Early
1988 Paul Belanger | Builder – Charlie Boudreau
1987 Pat Thorne | Builder – Bob Skillen
1986 Rod MacKenzie | Builder – Doug Thibault
1985 Dave Patterson | Builder – Art Murphy
1984 Bill Black | Builder – Jack Brownell
Official of the Year
2017Darren Doucette
2016Charles Bourque
2015Darren Doucette
2014Randy Wilson
2013Charles Comeau
2012John Hamilton
2011Matt Van Raalte
2010Huberte Jaillet
2009Mark Goldsmith
2008Matt Van Raalte
2007Peter Tait
2006 Ben Mersereau
2005 Rob Doucette
2004 Randy Wilson
2003 Rita Levesque
2002 Patricia Thorne
2001Rick White
2000 Mark Gough
1999 Peter Taylor
1998 Jean-Claude Thériault
1997 Rob Wilcox
1996 Mike Keane
1995 Darren Oakes
1994 Randy Wilson
1993 Jean Paul Demers
1992 Mike Vincent
1991 Patricia Thorne
1990 Sheldon Woodard
1989 Jack Campbell
1988 Patricia Thorne
1987 Charlie Leblanc
1986 Mike Vincent
1985 Alfie Doucet
1984 Kim Norris

If you would like to nominate an individual for an award, please fill out the nomination form.

VNB Service Awards Nomination Form 2018