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Canada Cup

Canada Cup is a national volleyball competition hosted by Volleyball Canada. In previous years, Canada Cup has been hosted in Niagara (2023), Calgary (2022), and Halifax (2019). The location changes each year, allowing teams to experience different volleyball environments across Canada.

Typically, the top competitive teams from NB will attend Canada Cup. This competition serves as part of the competition pathway for teams on the way to Canda Games (every 4 years), and also provides an opportunity for Volleyball Canada’s national program staff to observe the country’s top athletes, as well as host educational sessions for athlets and coaches. 

In 2023, Team NB sent 2 16u Female teams and 1 16u Male team to Brock College in Niagara. All teams represented NB well, winning a couple of tough matches, and battle hard in others against Canadas top youth provincial teams. 

More information on the 2024 Canada Cup Program will be available soon!